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(Akira is walking out of the school when Takeshi walks next to her.)
Akira: What do you want now?
Takeshi: Look, Akira, I just wanted to say, "I'm sorry for telling that Van Kleiss guy about you."
Akira: (shocked) You what?
Takeshi: I didn't wanted to tell him, but he insisted, so I did and he hurted you because of me, and I'm really sorry.
Akira: It's okay, I'm not really mad, I'll forgive you, but don't let that happen again.
Takeshi: I don't.
Akira: Thanks for walking me home.
Takeshi: Oh- you're welcome! But... uhm...
Akira: What is it, Takeshi?
Takeshi: Well, ah... Do you... do you wanna go out with me in sartuday?
Akira: What? Takeshi, you silly! We're just friends, remember?! You really gotta move on.
Takeshi: Oh- yeah, yeah... Sorry...
Akira: Such a silly boy.
(Akira walks away, leaving Takeshi alone. He sighs and walks back home sadly.)
Akira: (Thinking) Van Kleiss, I swear I won't let you get away with this.

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