Human Alex
Vital statistics
Name Alex
Species Incurable Human E.V.O. (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black/White (as an E.V.O.)
Brown (as a human)
Eye color Olive (as an E.V.O.)
Grey (as a human)
Abilities  ·Stench generation (formerly)
Weapons Tail (formerly)
Allies Rex Salazar, Yumi Sakurakouji, Kenji Yamabuki, Akira Kazami, Ren Johnson, Edwin Bluestein, Bobo Haha, Deadly Dragon Gang, Providence
Enemies Kaden
Further info
First appearance The Hunting
Portrayed by: Adam Wylie
Images | Quotes

Physical AppearanceEdit


Alex as an E.V.O.

Alex is a humanoid skunk E.V.O., he has black and white fur with long messy black hair with a wide streak on the right side of it matching his fur, olive eyes and a large skunk tail. He lost his clothes, except for his shorts and has pads on his hands and feet.

As a human, he has short brown hair, grey eyes and fair skin. He wears a blue t-shirt, brown shorts, white rolled down socks and blue sneakers.

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