"Generator Rex: Twin Amnesia - The Series"
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Bug Jar
Strict Orders


Beverly meets Rosa.


Rosa:How many girls like you?

Rex:A lot. The first... Beverly? This is a surprise.

Beverly:Who's she?

Rex:Uh, this is my twin sister, Rosa. She's sort of like me.


Rosa:Hi. Now that we met... Who wants to go to the arcade? Is that okay, Doc?

Dr.Holiday:(sighs) Fine. But be back in 3 hours.

(They all have excited faces and the scene changes).

Beverly:May I verse your sister?

Rex:Sure, but be aware of her high score.

(After playing Rosa)

Beverly:Wow, she's good.

Rosa:Uh, oh.

(Theme song)

Beverly:What's wrong?


Rex:Larva EVO. You used to be a spider EVO, Bev.

Beverly:I was?

Rex:Yup. Holiday, we spotted a spider or larva EVO.

Dr.Holoday:Is it the curable type?

Rex:Yup. Let's shut that mouth of yours. Spitting won't cut it.

(Rex and Rosa get their B.F.S. out and try to slice the EVO. The EVO spits webs at Beverly).

Rex:New plan, Rosa. Protect Beverly from the larva EVO.

Rosa:You'll be safe.

(Rosa slices the web stuff from the larva EVO and dodges them too).

Beverly:Thanks. I couldn't breathe in those webs.

Rosa:No problema.

Rex:(Grunting) These EVOs are tough.

(Rex and Rosa hit the EVOs one more time and cure them).

Rex and Rosa:(Sigh) Glad that's over.

Beverly:Thanks for the help.

Rosa:Again, no problema.

Beverly:It was nice meeting you.

Rosa:Well, you too.

(Back at Providence)

Dr.Holiday:How'd it go?

Rex:Besides the EVOs? It went well. My sister had a great time.

Dr.Holiday:What about Beverly?

Rex:Oh. She liked Rosa and had a great time.

Dr.Holiday:I'm glad to hear that. Because I'm thinking about bringing Beverly back for a visit sometime.

Rex:Heh. As long as Rosa is okay with it, then I'll be with that.

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