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Chance Williams
Chance Williams pict
Vital statistics
Name Chance Williams
Species Human E.V.O
Aliases 702 (Lykotan number)
Base of operations Lykotan Research Central "LRC"
Affiliation(s) Alpha Gang
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Golden Brown
Eye color Dark Gray
Abilities Probability Manipulation
Psychic Navigation
Allies Hunter Stone, Amber Flare, Jade Adams, Ryder Owens, Rocky, Skylark, Rex Salazar
Enemies Galvin
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Chance Williams is a teenage E.V.O. who is a distant friend of Hunter Stone and a member of the Alpha Gang.


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Chance is diligent, logical, and curious. To be added...

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chance is a young teenage boy of average height with short golden brown hair, light peach colored skin and dark gray eyes. He casually wears a lime yellow long sleeve t-shirt with yellow-green colored sleeves, a short orange bandana tied around his neck, light gray jeans with a black and dark gray belt and a pair of light blue canvas shoes. The sleeves on his t-shirt are slightly ripped and torn.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

  • Probability Manipulation: Chance has the unique ability to manipulate the probability of almost any likely or unlikely things to occur.
  • Psychic Navigation: He is said to have the capability of tracking people or objects with his mind. Chance can also be able to create a mental map of an area; however, he must be in the exactly in that very location to perform the ability. The use of his psychic tracking ability is limited and he can only be able to track only one person or object at a time.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • To be added...


Hunter StoneEdit

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Amber FlareEdit

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Jade AdamsEdit

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Ryder OwensEdit

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