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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date February 16, 2012
Written by Agito90
Directed by Agito90
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Change the World is the first episode of Generator Birch. It is scheduled to premier on February 16th, 2012.

Major EventsEdit

Ten to Thirdteen-year-old Birch has the awesome power to morph parts of her body into anything she wants, but the evil Lady Kleiss wants to kidnap Birch and her power!


The episode begins with the current events and the explosion that spread nanites worldwide. Then 6.5 and White king were called to Canada to deal with a rampaging Giant Bio-Mechanical E.V.O, only for the E.V.O. to collapse after being battered enough, revealing a young Birch in a building that the E.V.O. destroyed.

3 years Later, A multi-headed E.V.O. is rampaging through hong Kong. Birch is called in to defeat and cure it. She is criticized over her performance and frustrated by her lack of freedom, breaks out of Providence of Divide with his friend, Hoho Haha, after a ride through the Petting Zoo and goes on a road trip. Back on her past (or Flashback), 6.5 protect her from another E.V.O until she cured another E.V.O. right in front of Six's eyes, Six brought him back to Dr. Holiday to be studied. Despite Rex being a major breakthrough in the pursuit of a cure, Six insisted that they keep him under wraps for now. On Parent day, She saw The boys were bulling on that geek, Noah. She Stop them used her cannon until they run away from her. She save him and became friends. After the two talk for a couple minutes, Rise of Pack are kidnap Birch until 6.5 arrived.

Debut CharactersEdit


  • Rise of Pack
    • Lady Kleiss
    • Brad
    • Niowulf
    • Alexdalander
  • E.V.O. Monster


  • Smack Hands
  • Punk Busters
  • Boogie Pack
  • Slam Cannon
  • The BFS (Big Fat Sword)


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