The Dam Base is the new base for White Knight, Agent Six, Dr. Holiday, Bobo, and Rex (formarly) in Generator Rex: Meta Hero

Generator Rex: Meta HeroEdit

The Dam Base appears at the beginning of the first episode, but it rarely apepars because Rex works for Black Knight from episodes 2 on.

The Providence WarsEdit

The Dam Base is the first level in Generator Rex: Meta Hero: The Providence Wars. Black Knight and the Gorilla E.V.O. are faught here.


The corridor is the first level. It is the room with the truck in the beginning of Guy vs. Guy and Black and White. It ends at the main room.

Briefing RoomEdit

The briefing room is the base's main room. The only thing here is the Black Knight battle.


The interior goes from the briefing room all the way to the outside of the base.


The exterior goes from the outside of the base near the bottom, all the way up the base to the roof.


The top is where the Gorilla E.V.O. is faught. Rex unlocks the Slam Cannon after clearing the level.

To Bug JarEdit

This is the game's first travel level. Rex must use the Boogie Pack, the Rex Ride, and the Hoverboard to make it to the Bug Jar.

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