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Yumi: Hey, Wait up! (approaches David) We need to talk.
David: There is nothing we need to talk.
Yumi: There is something we need to talk! Ever since you and your siblings showed up, some E.V.O.s ended up killed!
David: So?
Yumi: So, you guys have to stop!
David: Do not try to convince us. I know what you are really thinking. You think killing E.V.O.s is worthless. (walks away but Yumi grabs him by the wrist)
Yumi: I think you're wrong. Killing E.V.O.s is not okay, and it will be if you stop killing them and let us Providence cure them. (David pulls his arm away then turns around sharply to face)
David: Well what choice do I have? Curing E.V.O.s is for the weak! Killing them is the only way to save humanity. Even you are going to destroy it, since you are one of them.
Lance: (writting on a list) "Killing Van Kleiss" is now number two on my to-do list; welcome to number one, Yumi!
Lance: (writting on a list) Okay, so "Killing Yumi" is now number 1, 2, 3, and 5 of my Top 5 goals. "Ripping out Van Kleiss's heart" is number 4.

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