Ren: Rex, what happened back there? Why couldn't you create your Boogie Pack and fly?
Rex: My powers are inclined by my emotions.
Ren: So the way you feel affects your ability to create machines.
Rex: Uh huh, and right now I'm feeling stress.
Ren: But, we've faced danger before without your powers failing.
Rex: It's not danger that stresses me Ren, it's you.
Ren: (becomes surprised) What did you said?
Rex: I don't like the way you eat all the food nor the way you lose your temper. That's why I didn't want you as my partner. If White chose me with Yumi, or with Kenji, or with Bobo, or with Akira, or with Edwin, or with Six, I would never have any problem.
Ren: With Six? Really?
Rex: Okay, maybe I would have any problems if I was choosen with Six, but you get the point.
Ren: I see.

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