This is the second episode of Generator Rex: Power Struggle. Read the Episode 1 here. (in proggress)


       Quarry sat by the door of his cell. He was bathed in a red light from the laser grid which acted as a door. He held in his hands the first part of his plan to escape, the letter he had just completed writing. He tapped the wall three times with his large rock hand. The guard at the end of the hall walked up to his cell, took the letter from him, and stuffed it in a pouch of his utility belt.


        Max charged down the long hallway lined with expencive paintings and furniture. He came to a large sliding door, which opened automatically. Behind the door was more hall, but instead of being covered in master pieces it was grey, cold, and lined with doors. Max stomped half way down the hall to a door with the words "Branden Moses" written on them in large white letters. He entered without knocking and slammed the door behind him. 

        "Moses! You lied to me! You never said you were working with Van Kliess!!" Max yelled. 

        Branden stepped away from the lab table he was next to and said simply, as if talking to a child,"You never asked." 

       "And I know whats tearing up Providence at night, it's me and knew I would turn, too!!!!!!" Max yelled, barely letting Branden finish his sentence. Max made a Super Fist and smashed a table next to the door.

      " Yes, Max. I knew about your night transformation, I designed it purposefully. And my alliance with Van Kliess is my own  business. " 

     " You've been giving that information about their research to Van Kliess, haven't you?!" Max sreamed in Branden's face. Then Max grabbed him and picked him up, pressing him to the wall. " TELL ME!!!!!!!"

    Branden held up a pen-shaped button detonator. " Now Max, this button will make your nanites vibrate so fast that you melt before you could crush me, so Put. Me. Down." Branden said calmly. 

   Max's demeanor instantly changed from aggresive to scared. He set Branden down, backed away, and deformed his build. 

   "That's right, be a good little E.V.O." Branden said said, again using the tone as if speaking to a child. "Now run along back to Providence before they find out where you are." 

  Max stormed back out through the doors and down the halls, not at all satisfied.


  Rex stood alone atop a large ruin, gazing at the massive E.V.O. "cities" that littered the Abysus landscape. Why am I here? he thought. 

  "Rex," said an all-to-familier voice from behind him.

   Van Kliess. Rex formed the Bad Axes and spun around. There was no one there. 

   "Over here, Rex," Rex twisted around to see Van Kliess floating about 15 feet away from the ruins.

   " How did I get here?!" Rex demanded. 



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