Season 1, Episode 5
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Rex and Rosa have some trouble with some E.V.O.s.


Dr.Holiday:Rex, are you ready?

Rex:Yeah. Rosa, all you have to do is connect with the Nanite World. Do you know how to?


The twins:We are ready, Doc.

(They connect with the Nanite World. Whirr noises start).

Rex:Hello? Omega-guy?

Omega:What is your command? Is it this?

Rex:I think it is. Thanks.

(Rosa's side)

Rosa:Hello? Little guy?

Omega:What is your directive? Is it this?

Rosa:I think so. Thanks.

(They get out of the Nanite World)

Dr.Holiday:So, how did it go?

The twins:It went well.

(Alarm is blinking red. White Knight is also on a screen).

White Knight: We have an E.V.O. rampaging all over the city.

Rex:Let me guess... You want Rosa and I to take care of the E.V.O.

White Knight:If you wouldn't mind.

(Screen changes)

Rex:Wow, that E.V.O. is that rabbit I was fighting before. Remember me?

Rabbit E.V.O.:(Roars)

Rex:I'll take that as a yes.

(Revolution song)

(The rabbit EVO tries to claw Rex. Rex takes his Smack Hands out.)

Rex:Huh? Woah!!

Rosa:Why is this EVO so mad? It is just a stupid bunny.

(The rabbit tries to claw Rosa, as well).

Rosa:Oh, that is why? Heh,weird.

(Six shows up in his hover board).

Agent Six:That bunny is back?


(Six gets his swords out and uses them on the E.V.O. The rabbit E.V.O. claws Rex and Rosa, but they block his move).

Rosa:This is one tough rabbit.

Rex:(scoffs) No kidding.

(Caesar calls on Rex).


Caesar:Rex, I have something in my lab. The devise can calm an animal E.V.O. down.

Rex:Sounds cool.

Caesar:Really? If so... I'm coming, baby brother.


(Caesar arrives)

Rosa:That was fast.

Caesar:Sure is. Can you keep the E.V.O. still?


(Caesar outs the needle inside the EVO to calm it down).

Rosa:Whew, That was close.

(At Abysus...)

Breach:The rabbit EVO has calmed down.

(Van Kleiss tries to look all evil).

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