One day, Anna was walking alone. She went into this wilderness, and did not think that will meet your enemy.

She saw Van Kleiss.

- I'd like to meet you to fight. - Anna.

- I do not have time for this. - Van Kleiss.

- I'm joking. I'm also not going to fight with you. Maybe even once just talk ? - Anna.

- I have many questions in the expense of your new life. - Van Kleiss.

- I have only one question for you, I think it's better you begin to ask first. - Anna.

- Ok. It looks like you have got new friends? - Van Kleiss.

- Is that all? ! Yes. I got new friends : Yumi, Kenji, Ren and Akira. - Anna.

- Why have you moved to the side of Providence? . - Van Kleiss.

- I like there because there treated me as a human and not as a monster or servant.

Now it's my turn. Why did you become on the side of evil ? You've been good to me. We were family, friends. - Anna.

- And you do not want power , glory? - Van Kleiss.

- I do not like to command. And everybody knows that I am a villain of niece. - Anna.

- It seems you are upset... I'll give you advice . If you want to win need to forget about love and other emotions. We must be ruthless. - Van Kleiss.

- This is nonsense. I'll never understand you because you're crazy. - Anna wants to go.

- Yes, you still do not understand. You is not yet grown up. I want to say that it is necessary win any way. - Van Kleiss.

- How do you say (sarcasm). - Anna.

- Bye, Anna. - Van Kleiss.

- I hate you ! - Anna.

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