Season 1, Episode 18
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Parents + Providence = Randomness

Intro Edit

The Salazars find their parents.

Script Edit

Rex: Uh, Caesar? What are you doing?

Caesar: I was going to surprise you but, we're going to find Violeta and Raefel.

Rex: Our parents?!

Rosa: What's going on?

Rex: Caesar is going to try to find parents.

Rosa: That's so cool.

(Theme song)

Rex: I can't believe that Providence was okay with this.

Caesar: Well, speaking of which, our mom and dad our in two different countries.

Rex: Which is?

Caesar: Argentina and Mexico. Which we're in Argentina right now.

(Screen changes)

Caesar: There's dad. Tickets?

(They go in a ball game and find Raefel).

Rex: Dad? Raefel: Rex, Rosa, Caesar? You're all here! I missed you guys.

Caesar: Now that your with us, let's go find mamá.

(Screen changes)

Violeta: Mí hermanos y hermana. I missed you so much.

Caesar: Now...

Raefel: Who wants a hug?

Rex, Rosa, and Caesar: I guess it's okay.

(They get hugged)

(Back at Providence)

White Knight: Now that you've found your parents. I don't want them to cause any disturbance.

Caesar: They won't. In fact, their scientist too.

White Knight: Fine, they can stay.

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