Season 1Edit


One month from the OS Van Kleiss captures a bunch of scientists and finishes Black Knights project. He then creates D.M.M. and alters Rex and Circe. They must stop him and cure the D.M.M

  1. The Experiment
  2. One Night
  3. Generating
  4. Lava Lamp
  5. Going Down
  6. Camp Doom
  7. A Story to Be Told
  8. Rex-Ben: The Return (1 Hour Special)
  9. Timeless
  10. The New Threat
  11. Traitors
  12. Providence Invasion
  13. Authorities
  14. You Only Live Once
  15. Give It Your Best
  16. The Wrong Choice
  17. Building Blocks
  18. Nuclear Waste
  19. The End (Part 1)
  20. The End (Part 2)

Season 2: Time LaspeEdit

Coming Soon

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