Providence WarEdit

Series Premiere: The Mega Knight, a new villain, gets a blob of Galvanic Mechamorph of Rex during a fight, from when he and Ben fought Alpha. He fuses it with Nanites and creates a new type of them called Mega-Nanites. Then he starts an all out war between all three Providence's. Can Rex stop the war?

New and OldEdit

White Knight starts getting worried about the Providence Defect Group's numbers and chances off beating two other Providence's. So worried that he decides to merge his group with Black Knight's Providence, Providence B.L.A.C.K.. Rex and Bobo refuse to the merger, and go on the road in search of friends they've met on there journey. Will there still be three Providence's?

All Out DuelEdit

Rex gets locked in a heated battle with White Knight, but gets interrupted by both, Black Knight and Mega Knight. Then a three-way duel starts. Will Rex win the duel?

Riders vs. EelsEdit

Noah asks Rex to play Basketball on the weekend for his side the Riders. But little did Rex know that Noah asked was because the other team had gone E.V.O.! Can Rex help Noah's team win, and cure the E.V.O.'s?

Girl TroubleEdit

Rex's long-lost sister, Vannesa visits town. They have lots of fun, but it turns out she is working for Van Kleiss, who somehow survied. Can Rex put an end to Van Kleiss and convince his sister that Van Kleiss is evil?


With Rex's Providence starting to get clobbered in battle because of numbers, he goes in search of a new member. He finds Bolt, who's part E.V.O.. But what Rex doesn't know is that he is a villain who went rogue years ago. Can Rex find out what's going on before it's too late?

Mega-Nanite InfestationEdit

The Mega Knight restarts the Nanite Project, but with Mega-Nanites. Will Rex survive another Nanite Project without blacking out?

Godly PowerEdit

The Nanite Project 3 was a success to Mega Knight. That is, all of the new E.V.O.s obey him, the new E.V.O.s are like the Consortium old forms, and almost nobody hasn't gone E.V.O.. Black's an E.V.O. again too, so Rex has got a really busy day in store. Can he defeat the God-like E.V.O.s?

Mechamorph Rex/The Final Battle, Part 1Edit

Series Finale: TBA...

(NOTE: The name is undecided but it will be one of the two in the name slot; same for part 2)

Mechamorph Rex/The Final Battle, Part 2Edit

Series Finale: TBA...

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