This is a series taking place in a crosstime, where Rex, after defeating the Consortium, didn't get the Meta-Nanites and thus didn't attempt the worldwide cure. So basically, E.V.Os are still around.


Here, Van Kleiss attemps to destroy Rex once again, but he apparently has something bigger planned. Rex and Beverly are now a couple. Rex is 17. And Rex is teamed up with an E.V.O named Jim a.k.a Slimeshot. He is also regularly assoisted by some others like Brutus.


  • Rex
  • Bobo
  • Six
  • Slimeshot
  • Noah
  • Doctor Holiday
  • White Knight
  • Providence (reclaimed)


  • Van Kleiss
  • The Pack
  • Black Knight
  • Various E.V.Os

Reccuring CharactersEdit

  • Ben
  • Brutus
  • Beverly
  • Gwen
  • Kevin
  • Tibz


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