• Analog Stick: Move
  • Analog Stick Double Tap: Dash
  • A: Light Attack
  • B: Heavy Attack
  • D-pad Right: Cycle Builds Right
  • D-pad Left: Cycle Builds Left
  • D-pad Up: Form/Deform Build
  • D-pad Down: Special/Load and Fire Slamcannon (Rex)
  • C: Guard or Grab
  • Z: Jump/Boogie Pack (Press Twice)
  • Shake Controller: Super Attack
  • 1: Interact
  • 2: Change hero
  • +: Pause

X-Box 360Edit

  • Left Analog: Move
  • Right Analog: Change Camera Angle
  • A Button: Jump
  • B Button (Tap): Light Attack
  • B Button (Hold): Heavy Attack
  • X Button: Grab/Interact
  • Y Button: Special/Load and Fire Slamcannon (Rex)
  • Left Bumper: Cycle Builds Left
  • Right Bumper: Cycle Builds Left
  • Right Triger: Dash
  • Left Trigger: Guard
  • D-pad Up & Down: Super Attack
  • D-pad Left & Right: Change Hero
  • Start: Pause
  • Back: Form/Deform Build.

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