Intro for Twin Amnesia-The SeriesEdit

Generator Rex:Twin Amnesia is a series about Rosa Salazar meeting Rex. But the Omega-1-Nanite that Rosa shares with Rex along with their original Nanites is when she finds her two brothers. (Rex and Caesar). Now Rosa is a part of Providence. At this time, Black Night was kicked out of Providence, the orginal team is back in Providence, and White Knight is head of Providence again. This is how it was possible to happen.

Caesar made a time machine and sent Rex to fix the six months ago before Black Knight becomes head of Providence. It worked, Van Kleiss stayed and so did Breach but Rex went into the past each hour and then came back the next day after the deal that Black Night made. But he was in his orignal time, year, and month.

Just letting you know on what happens before they come back as a team:)


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

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