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This page is comprised with Hikari Primus`  history in Teach Me How to Live.

Getting My Life Back on TrackEdit

Hikari, addressed a Skuoro, was shown to be sitting in a dark room only lit by three candles. She was cuffed to the walls. A few minutes later, her caretaker, Xul came into the room telling her that she has to attend a weapons auction while removing her cuffs. She later askeed him whether or not someone was going to buy her. She didn`t get her answer.

After that, Hikari was introduced by Falcrowe (name not mentioned) as a bidding item in the auction. She was later engaged in combat with a three-headed lion E.V.O. using her aerokinesis to throw it across the arena. Next she used her pyrokinesis and created a whip from the fire in her hands and wrapped it around the E.V.O.`s neck. Hikari extinguished the fire whip and used her geokinesis to make the ground underneath the E.V.O. to collapse. When it fell in to the hole, she used her cyrokinesis to created big pointy ice claws. She jumped and the claws penitrated the E.V.O.`s form when she landed causing her to be spluttered by it`s blood.

Lastly, Hikari used her nanite control, which caused her eyes to glow pale gree and streaks of the same colour to race down her arms, on the dying E.V.O. and it turn into dust a minute later. Her eyes later reverted into their normal colours and the streaks dissappeared. She staggered back a few steps due o the sudden headache. After her demonstration, she was offered to the crowd of people wo attended the auction and was called 'an army of one' by Falcrowe. 

The Past is The PastEdit

Hikari, addressed as Skuoro, was sitting in the private jet belonging to the Black Dragons Society (not mentioned) while looking outside the window. She was later appeoached by Axel (name not mentioned) and sat on the seat next to her. He tried to start a conversation with her but she gave no response. 

The ArrivalEdit

No NameEdit

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