Vital statistics
Name Hype
Species Human
Aliases Luciana 'Lucy' Santiago (given/birth name)
Base of operations BDS Main Research Center (secondary)
BDS Training Facility, America (current)
The Plant (temporary)
Affiliation(s) Black Dragons Society (current)
Providence Defect Group (temporary)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Light black
Eye color Light pink
Abilities High Intelligence Level
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Weapons Swiss army knife
Electro Whip
Relatives Falcrowe (father)
The Hedvarys (adoptive family)
Allies Hikari Primus, Xul Wang, Luthor Bronx, Axel Bronx, Dr. Holiday
Enemies Black Knight, Van Kleiss, The Consortium, The Pack
Further info
First appearance The Arrival
Portrayed by: Mae Whitman
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Hype or Luciana 'Lucy' Santiago is a twenty-one year old scientist for the Black Bragons Society and Hikari`s personal doctor.



Hype is the result of a love affair between Falcrowe and her unamed mother. After giving birth to her, she was abandoned by her mother and was left with Falcrowe to take care of her. Hype lived a very normal life until her father was appointed leader of the BDS. Her father sent her to Switzerland where she lived with her adoptive family the Hedvarys and to finish her studies.

After finishing her studies, she was recruited to the BDS Main Research Center in England. There she met with Zul Wang, another scientist working there and is one of the field researchers.


Hype is a cheery and passionate young woman considering her bad past. She is very caring towards others especially her father. She also has a somewhat motherly instinct towards Axel, Luthor and Hikari. She tends to think of them as her own.

She is terribly scared of heights. When in this situation, she would get sick and her sight will get blurry. She also has a fear of snakes and would do anything to get rid of one. Hype has a little bit trouble trusting people. 

Hype has a soft spot for children. When she was appointed to be Hikari,Axel and Luthor`s caretaker, she accepted it since she didn`t want them to be left alone without someone to care for them. She dosen`t want any of them to feel the way she did. She is very independant and responsible. She is also very intelligent.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hype`s hair is a lighter shade of black. She pins one side of her bangs to the side and ties her shoulder blade long hair into a ponytail. Her eyes are light pink in colour. Hype`s top consists of a lavender short sleeved sweater and a light blue sleeveless dress shirt. She wears light green sleeves. Her bottoms consists of dark blue shorts just above her knees and ankle-length black boots. In the lab she would wear her normal attire with the addition of a white lab coat.


  • High Intelligence Level: Hype is considered very intelligent for someone of her age. She has more knowledge on medical science rather than the science of E.V.O.s.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hype was given a basic hand-to-hand combat lesson by her a father. She still prefers to use her Swiss army knife and Hikari's inventions.

  • Agility: As a child, Hype is very agile and alert of her surroundings. She could do multiple backflips and can sometimes climb up short walls with the right speed and depends on the walls height.


Main article: Hype`s Relationships


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