This page is comprised with Hype`s relationships with other characters.



Falcrowe is Hype`s only relative. She is very kind and caring towards her father. Falcrowe on the other hand is very protective of her. Although he is her father, Hype doesn`t agree with him about how he judges people before getting to know them and making desicions without considering anybody elses opinions.

The Hedvary familyEdit

The Hedvarys are Hype`s adoptive family in Switzerland. She stayed with them when she was finishing her studies in Geneva. Even though they rarely see eachother, they still maintained a very strong relationship.


Zul WangEdit

Hype has a very close relationship with Zul. He is one of the few guys in her life, besides her father, that she trusts. They are always seen together and would sometimes work on the same assignments or experiments. Hype admits to having a romantic crush on him.

Hikari PrimusEdit

Ever since the first time they met, Hype and Hikari had a very close mother-daughter like relationship with eachother. Before being traded to Providence, Hikari would fully depend on Hype for a place to tell all her problems and to get some attention. Hype deeply cares for Hikari. She was willing to fight her father for Hikari`s freedom from being locked up in Iceland.

Axel BronxEdit

Like her relationship with Hikari, Hype was assigned as his personal doctor. She is also acknowledged of Axel`s schoolboy crush on her and would sometimes use it for her own advantage.

Luthor BronxEdit

Not much is known about her relationship with Luthor except that she is his caretaker.

Dr. Rebecca HolidayEdit

Hype and Holiday`s relationship started after Black Knight took over Providence. The two have a very friendly yet slightly competitive relationship.

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