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Jade Adams
Jade Adams pict
Vital statistics
Name Jade Adams
Species Human E.V.O
Aliases 048 (Lykotan number)
Base of operations Lykotan Research Central "LRC"
Affiliation(s) Alpha Gang
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Fuchsia
Eye color Brown
Abilities Telepathy
Mind Control
Relatives Amelia Adams (mother) †
Emil Adams (father) †
Allies Hunter Stone, Amber Flare, Chance Williams, Ryder Owens, Rocky, Skylark, Rex Salazar
Enemies Galvin
Images | Quotes
Jade Adams is a teenage E.V.O. with the ability to move and control objects with her mind. She is a member of the Alpha Gang and a close friend to Hunter, FlareChance and Ryder.


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Jade is sincere, passionate, cheerful and friendly. To be added...

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jade is a young teenage girl with long dark fuchsia hair tied up in a high ponytail, light brown tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She casually wears her navy blue sleeveless mini jacket over a light neon green tank-top, light purple open side skirt over a pair of purple shorts, and dark brown knee-high boots. Jade also wears a small black like bandage on her right elbow and another purple hairband tied in the mid center of her ponytail. Jade's original hair color was black until dyeing it after the Nanite Event.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy: Jade has the ability to mentally transmit and/or recieve information between her and another person. She is limited to a small range of only one individual at a time and is unable to use it on anything that is mindless and/or unconscious. Using this ability can be overwhelming to Jade, which can often lead to obtaining a headache. In order to perform this ability, she must be in physical contact with them.
  • Telekinesis: She is capable of manupulating any inanimate objects with her mind at will. It is considered as her most commonly used and most frequent ability. While doing so, her eyes glow a bright neon pink color. Jade is only capable of using her telekinesis at a short range proximity from her position. Her techniques are limited to levitating, binding and moving objects. According to a Lykotan scientist, it is revealed that she is only able to manipulate inanimate objects that are inhabited with nanites.
  • Mind Control: Jade is known to have the ability of controlling the minds of other human beings. Similar to her telepathy, Jade is limited to only one individual at a time and is unable to control their minds if they are unconscious.


Hunter StoneEdit

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Amber FlareEdit

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Chance WilliamsEdit

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Ryder OwensEdit

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  • Jade is the second Alpha Gang member to have long hair, the first being Hunter.

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