Jake Hyde
Vital statistics
Name Jake Hyde
Species Human
Aliases The Mad Hatter (by Deadly Dragon Gang and Van Kleiss)
Base of operations Deadly Dragon Gang Lair
Affiliation(s) Deadly Dragon Gang
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Dark green
Abilities  ·Hand-to-hand combat skills
Weapons Hammer
Allies Rex Salazar, Yumi Sakurakouji, Kenji Yamabuki, Akira Kazami, Ren Johnson, Austin Walker, Abigail Redstone, Mike Francis, Lucas Natt, Deadly Dragon Gang
Enemies Van Kleiss, The Pack, Miranda Hollows, Ryan Brook, Black Knight, Consortium
Further info
First appearance "Dark Passage"
Portrayed by: Scott Menville
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History Edit

Early Life Edit

At age ten, he was bullied by his classmates for impersonating the Mad Hatter.

Season One Edit

Dark Passage Edit

Personality Edit

Jake is dim-witted and very absent-minded.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jake is a male teenager with short, blonde hair, dark green eyes, tanned skin and freckles. His dragon tattoo is located underneath his right forearm. He also wears a purple oversized shirt under a long dark blue vest, a large teal scarf, split colored pants, black on the right and blue on the left, black motorcycle boots and a dark green hat which resembles the Mad Hatter's hat.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Wendy Francis Edit

Jake has a crush on Wendy, Mike's cousin.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Jake stutters when he is cold.
  • He is allergic to roses.

References Edit

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