Anna decided to run away from Providence to Japanese Cultural Festival. Appeared Agent Six.

- Where are you going? - Six.

- Yes, so ... I want to relax with Akira and others. - Anna.

- You can not leave Providence. - Six.

- I want to stay least one day a teenager and not an agent or a hero. - Anna.

- All right. But you have to come back here quickly. - Six.

- Ok. - Anna.

She met Akira, Yumi, Kenji and Ren.

- Hi, Akira. Beautiful suit. - Anna.

- You want we buy you some sort of a dress. - Akira.

- Cool. Thanks. - Anna.

- Can eat food? I'm hungry. - Anna.

- Ok. - Akira.

After they ate food they went to the concert. Everybody danced. Anna's friends wanted to dance.

- Why are not you going to dance, Anna?This is fun. - Akira.

- I have no partner, but why not? - Anna.

- Good. - Akira.

Concert was over, and Anna decided to return to Providence.

- Guys I must go and then White Knight to eat me ha ha. - Anna.

- Bye. - Kenji.

- Bye, Anna. - Akira.

- Ok. Bye. - Yumi.

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