Vital statistics
Name Judith
Species Human
Aliases Queen of Hearts
Affiliation(s) Suit Quartet
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Abilities  ·Superhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and longevity
 ·hand-to-hand combatant
Weapons Spear
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
David (brother)
Lance (brother)
Rachel (sister)
Enemies Yumi Sakurakouji, Team Rex, Providence, Deadly Dragon Gang, Van Kleiss
Further info
First appearance "Suit Quartet"
Portrayed by: Lacey Chabert
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Judith is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Hearts" and member of Suit Quartet. She is also the older sister of both Lance and Rachel and the younger sister of David.

History Edit

Background Edit

Judith was the second child and first daughter born in Zirkovia after David.

Personality Edit

Judith is glamorous, self-centered, pompous and vain. She is totally obsessed with fashion; which clothes look best on her, and which dresses best match her heart appearance. Judith takes a lot of pride in her appearance and expresses concern about it as her dress was tattered when fighting the gollum E.V.O. and had to kill it, much to Yumi's disgust. Like her siblings, she hates E.V.O.s because one of them killed her parents at young age.

Physical appearance Edit

Judith is a tall, slender female with blue eyes, fair skin and long blond hair that is tied in a side ponytail held by a black hairband with a red heart clip. She wears a red and black dress, which consists of a red corset with black trimmings, and a red heart-shaped brooch, and a red miniskirt with a black edge, a black chocker with a red heart on it, long black gloves and matching stockings and red high heels.

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