Kenji Yamabuki's room

Kenji's room floor plan.

Kenji Yamabuki's room is one of the bedrooms that reside in Providence Headquarters. The room has a video game system complete with a flat screen (which is smaller than the one Rex had in his second room) with speakers over a dark gray television table, drawers for Kenji's personal items and some clothes, along with several posters (featuring science, sports, anime and japanese rock music), pictures hanging on the wall. It also has a closet where is filled with clothing as well and a dark gray book shelf with books next to a dark gray desk with a silver colored desk computer, books, a dark desk lamp and a dark desk chair. The desk is over a dark gray shelf with some books and a light gray box on the center and it is next to a small blue trash can. The room has a bed with blankets of the same color as his shirt, next to a dark gray night table with a dark gray alarm clock, a dark desk lamp and a picture of his father, Takahiro Yamabuki, and a dark gray full bodied mirror. It also has a personal western japanese-style bathroom where he takes a bath and washes himself, next to a personal japanese-style toilet room. There is also a sign of toilet next to the door of the toilet room.

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