Laura Holiday
Laura Elizabeth Holiday
Vital statistics
Name Laura Holiday
Species Human E.V.O.
Aliases Laura Elizabeth Holiday (given/birth name)
Delta-1 (Meta Kids name)
Base of operations Providence HQ, Florida
Affiliation(s) Providence (currently)
Meta Kids (currently)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Green
Abilities Chlorokinesis
Weapons Dagger
Relatives Agent Six (father)
Rebecca Holiday(mother)
Allistor Holiday (older brother)
Rex Salazar and Beverly Holiday (mat. uncle and aunt)
Rey, Kevin, Alice and Rachel Salazar (mat. cousins)
Allies Ky Parker, Venicia Kleiss, Landon Parker, White Knight, Nick Calan, Jake Salazar, Callyander Knight
Enemies Victor Kleiss, Van Kleiss, Black Knight, Consortium Pro.2
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Laura Holiday is an eighteen year old teenage human E.V.O. with the ability to manipulate electricity and healing. She is the wielder of the Delta-1 Meta Nanite and is currently affilated in the Meta Kids program.



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Current LifeEdit

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Physical AppearanceEdit

Laura appears as any other teenagers her age. She has waist-long brown hair that looks similar to her mother`s, lightly tanned light peach skin and light green eyes. Laura often sports on a sleeveless white-ish green top, green shoulder-length fingerless gloves, a dark green skirt, thigh-high black translucent stockings and a pair of prussian blue boots.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

  • Electrokinesis: 
  • Chlorokinesis:
  • Healing:

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat:
  • Acrobatics and Agility:


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