Meta Kids
Meta Kids
Leader(s) Rey Salazar
Jake Salazar (2nd in command)
Notable members Korona Ky Parker
Kevin Salazar
Laura Holiday
Headquarters Purgatory Headquarters
Location Off the coast of Florida
Purpose Protect the human race
Protect the Meta Nanites
Stop the Consortium Pro.2
Range of operation Worldwide

The Meta Kids is a group of teenager human E.V.O.s specially trained by Purgatory to defeat the new Providence run by Red Knight and The Consortium Pro.2. Each of them were given the responsibility of guarding and wielding a Meta Nanite.


Operation : Meta KidsEdit

Fifteen years prior to the Worldwide Cure event established by Rex, the deactivated nanites mysteriously started to reactivate on its own and turned living things once again into an E.V.O. .Providence and the United Nations decided to start an operation codenamed Meta Kids. Each of these Meta Kids will be paired up with Providence`s top agents and scientists (Rex, Caesar, Hikari , Dr. Holiday and Agent Six) and will be given a Meta Nanite. Over 10 000 teenagers participated in this operation but only five will be officially initiated into the Meta Kids.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Rex Salazar (Rey)
  • Caesar Salazar (Korona Ky)
  • Agent Six (Kevin)
  • Hikari Primus (Jake)
  • Dr. Holiday (Laura)


  • Venicia Kleiss
  • White Knight (Boss)
  • Kluks Clan - (Ky and Kevin`s old gang)
  • To be added...



  • Each of the Meta Kids are from different recruitment centres all over the world :
    • Rey and Kevin : Madrid, Spain
    • Jake : Geneva, Switzerland
    • Korona Ky : Berlin, Germany
    • Laura : Jeju Island, South Korea
  • Korona is the only one in the team with dark skin.
  • Laura is the only one recruited from Asia while the others were recruited from Europe.
  • Each of the Meta Kids have different communicational devices:
    • Rey: A touch screen smartphone.
    • Jake: Transparent contact lenses that has a holographic interface on the inside.
    • Kevin: A video watch.
    • Korona: An upgraded pair of goggles with a holographic interface and a personal cyber assistant.
    • Laura: A basic Providence communicator.
  • Rey is the only one in the group that doesn't have telepathic abilities.

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