Michael Francis
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Vital statistics
Name Michael Francis
Species Human E.V.O.
Base of operations Deadly Dragon Gang Lair
Affiliation(s) Deadly Dragon Gang
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Chestnut (Human form)
Greyish brown (E.V.O. form)
Eye color Gray
Abilities Humanoid werewolf-like E.V.O. transformation
Super speed (while he consumes sugar)
Super strength (under transformation)
Weapons Claws and fangs (under transformation)
Relatives Wendy Francis (cousin)
Allies Rex Salazar, Yumi Sakurakouji, Kenji Yamabuki, Akira Kazami, Ren Johnson, Austin Walker, Abigail Redstone, Jake Hyde, Lucas Natt, Deadly Dragon Gang
Enemies Van Kleiss, The Pack, Miranda Hollows, Ryan Brook, Black Knight, Consortium
Further info
First appearance "Dark Passage"
Portrayed by: Will Friedle
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Michael "Mike" Francis is a member of the Deadly Dragon Gang.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Season One Edit

Dark Passage Edit

Mike tried to ask Abigail out, but she rejected him and turned her back on him, leaving him alone. After being rejected by Abigail, he left the delinquent behind.

Personality Edit

Mike is Deadly Dragon Gang's resident class clown and goof-ball.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mike has pale skin, grey eyes and medium-length chestnut hair. He wears a green hooded jacket over a short sleeved black T-shirt, blue rolled up pants, grey socks and black sneakers. He also has his black dragon tattoo located on his upper back.

In his E.V.O. form, his hair grows longer and wilder and turns greyish brown and his skin turns bluish skin, his ears and pupils get pointed. He also gains sideburns, a light brown unibrow, and a set of black sharp fingernails and toenails. He also still wears his normal outfit, but lacks his grey socks, black sneakers and green hooded jacket, though he wears it sometimes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

E.V.O. Abilities Edit

Other Abilities Edit

While having E.V.O. powers and abilities, Mike is an expert of hand-to-hand combat, as he saw it in a kung fu movie.

When Mike consumes a large amount of sugar, it affects his sanity, causing him to be insane and sugar hungry, not to mention he hallucinates, as he mistook Ren in his Van Kleiss form for the real Van Kleiss, believing that he will attack him and running away from him, and the way he eats ice cream with his feet, much to his fellow gang members' disgust. He also gains super speed. All of this was seen when he ate too much cupcakes that he and Jake won in an unknown contest and lost conciousness before going crazy. The only known cure to drink grapefruit juice.[1]

Relationships Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mike has athlete's foot.[1]

References Edit

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