Mitch Krever
Chibi Mitch
Vital statistics
Name Mitch Krever
Species Human
Aliases Weapon Master
Base of operations Central LAB-03


Affiliation(s) The Empire
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Dark Red
Abilities High IQ

Weapon Bulding

Weapons Guns



Metallic Tentacles


Relatives Family unknown
Allies Cole Noston, Nega, Fletch, Katia Kleiss
Enemies Carson Salazar, Providence
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Mitch Krever, 35, is the Weapon Master of the Empire. He owns a weapons factory where he invents new and better versions of a thousand of different weapons. He usually works with Nega, as a kind of baby-sitter.



There are not many informations about his past. He was born on the 24th of March. It was a cold day. He studied engineering and mechanics. He worked for a while for a small factory of weapons then, thanks to his father's will he has been able to open his own works.

Current LifeEdit

He was engaged by the Empire at the age of 33. He initially provide them weapons and technological devices but then he starts also working as active member when he caught Nega.


To be added...

Physical AppearanceEdit

Despite of his age, Mitch has grey hair. He had brown hair that turned grey maybe for too much stress or maybe because his experiments with high voltage. He's very tall: 1,93m and he's muscular. He often trains in his private gym. He has dark red eyes and a scar on his left one. He got it during a fight against an assassin.

While working for the Empire he usually wears a grey tank-top, green pants and black shoes. He always has a red and grey armlet with a hook where he can tie his weapons. When he has to work in his factory he wears a black formal suit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

To be added....


  • He has a grey automated motorcycle that comes to him when he says "Code LAB-03, Mitch motorcycle XCV".

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