Season 1, Episode 21
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Six

Intro Edit

Rex and Rosa see each other in the Nanite World.

Script Edit

(In Nanite World, Rex and Rosa see each other and the omega)

Omega: Your operation is to use an update to save the world.

(Rex and Rosa fall)

Rex: That was strange.

(Theme song)

Dr. Holiday: How'd it go?

Rex: well, Rosa and I saw each other this time.

Caesar: Maybe the Omega is trying get you connected together.

Rex: It did.

Rosa: It told us to save the world with new upgrades or something.

White Knight: What's all this commotion?

Caesar: Rex and Rosa saw each other in the Nanite World.

White Knight: That explains it.

Bobo: Yeah, our heroes get new powers, eh?

Rosa: Guess we do.

Rex: So, tell me. What's next?

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