Season 1, Episode 8
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Blonde Widow
The Biker


Rosa and Rex have a date for a deal.


Caesar:No now,mama.

(Caesar say those words in his sleep. Then something comes by him fast).


(He gets up).

Caesar:Is anyone there? Please identify yourself.

Nori Knight:My son and daughter need a date for their life. You will use your brother and sister for that or...

(He holds his shirt with him hanging)

Caesar:Or what,senor?

Nori Knight:Or I will squash,blow, and blow your family to bits. The whole family. Got it.

Caesar:(Sighs) Fine!

Nori Knight:The deal is set.

Caesar:I'm sorry guys.

(Revolution song)

Rex and Rosa:For what?


(Maria and Michael walk in).

Rosa and Rex:Who are these people!?

Caesar:Your dates.


Caesar:Because you'll die and so will Rosa.

Rex:We have no choice, do we?

Maria:No, you don't.


(Scene changes)

Rosa:This is...

Rex:Quiet and fancy. Why is it quiet?

Michael:Because that's how we like it.

Rosa and Rex:Oh.

Waiter:What can I get you?

Maria:I would like raw fish. Rex would like sushi.

Rex:No, I...

Michael:I want raw cat fish. Rosa wants raw crab.

Rosa:What?! I need help.

(Circe sneaks around).

Maria and Michael:Who are you?

Circe:Why don't you come and find out?

(Circe uses her sonic scream. Michael and Maria turn into fish people).

Maria and Michael:Woah!!

Circe:Now, I want you to stop forcing these twins to do whatever you tell them.

(They run away)

Rex:I thought I couldn't use my powers.

Circe:They had this.

Rosa:That? They could blow us up with that.

Circe:This world must not like Rosa. Rex, protect your sister.

Rex:My sister. What has the world become?

Circe:I don't know.

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