Season 1, Episode 19
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Six

Intro Edit

Something strange happens with Violeta and Raefel.

Script Edit

Raefel: Who's the pasty guy?

Violeta: yeah..

Rex: I don't think that our parents are acting theirselves.

Caesar: They aren't. We have to do something about that. I have a plan. Rex, can you get mom and Rosa, can you get dad.

Rex and Rosa: Yes.

Rex: Mom, can you come here for a sec?

Violeta: Sure, why not?

Rosa: Papí, can you come here?

Raefel: Sure.

Rex: Okay, we got them.

Caesar: Mamá, papí, can you step though this machine?

Raefel and Violeta: Sure.

(Caesar runs the machine)

Caesar: Rex, the reason they have been acting strange is they have a squirrels brain. So, can you get those two squirrels out there? You too Rosa.

Rex and Rosa: I'll do it to save our parents.

(Screen changes)

(Rex and Rosa get their Smack Hands out).

Rex: Come on and get down. We're here to store you guys in the right body.

(They get on their Smack Hands).

Rosa: Phew, glad we caught them.

(Screen changes).

(Caesar switches the squirrels and their parents brains)

Raefel: What happened?

Caesar: Your bodies were switched.

Rex: But I'm glad you guys are okay.

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