Pilot is the first episode of Generator Lex.


Alexis is attacked by an E.V.O. for the first time in months. She quickly decides to survey the city for nanites, however she is attacked by Squid V. Can she beat Squid V? Or will she meet her doom?


-Alexis was walking down the street with her EVO pet cat, Meow Meow.-

(Alexis): Haven't seen any EVOs lately.

(Meow Meow): After you destroyed the Squid EVO guy, the town's been quiet.

(Alexis): No robberies, no accidents.

-A burglar alarm went off.-

(Alexis): Probably another burglar.

(Meow Meow): I'll handle this.

-Meow Meow ran to the bank, beat the burglar, and retuned.-

(Alexis): It's like EVOs have moved away...

-An eagle EVO swooped down and attacked Alexis.-

(Alexis): LET ME GO!

(Meow Meow): User your builds!

(Alexis): I don't think they'll help!

-Alexis built Panther Power, and scared the eagle EVO away.-

(Alexis): That was random.

-A sudden chill came by.-

(Alexis): Probably an EVO. It's summer.

-A polar bear EVO attacked Alexis. She quickly absorbed its nanites.-

(Alexis): Better take this to the zoo.

-Lex and Meow Meow ran down the street with the polar bear to where the zoo was.-

(Zookeeper): Sorry, can't let you in. Apparently something known as nanites has infected the animals.

-Alexis and Meow Meow broke into the zoo.-


-They quickly ran out.- (Alexis): That's where they're coming from.....

-Alexis ran into a hotel. She got into the elevator.-

(Alexis): I'm going to survey the city.

Five minutes later...

-Alexis was at the roof of the hotel. She formed Mecha Bird and flew off the building.-

(Alexis): Hmm.... Not seeing any E.V.O.s....

-Alexis was attacked by the same eagle EVO from earlier.-

(Alexis): AH!

-Alexis kicked the EVO onto the ground.-

(Alexis): I don't feel so good.....

-Alexis fell onto the ground, where the Mecha Bird disappeared.-

(Meow Meow): LEXI!

-A shadow emerged behind Lex. It quickly walked up.-

(Lex): I destroyed you...

(Shadow): You thought you did... But no one stops Squid V!

-Squid V steps out of the shadows and struck Lexi with his sword.-

(Lex): Don't make me whack you.....

-Lex formed Big Blue Blade and cut Squid's arms off.-

(Squid V): I can regenerate, remember, girl?

-Squid V regenerated.-

(Lex): Ready for some super slicing?

-Lex formed BBB, PP, and ME at the same time.-

(Lex): HIYAH!

-Squid V charged at Lex. Lex started absorbing Squid's nanites.-


-Squid V knocked Lex out cold before running away.-

(Lexi): Meow Meow..... We need help after all....





  • Big Blue Blade
  • Panther Power
  • Mecha Eagle

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