...Is the first episode of Generator Rex: Mega Weapon.

Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 9th March, 2012
Written by Anon
Directed by Anon
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The Power Within
New and Old


The Mega Knight, a new villain, gets a blob of a Galvanic Mechamorph of Rex during a fight, from when he and Ben fought Alpha. He fuses it with Nanites and creates a new type of them called Mega-Nanites. Then he starts an all out war between all three Providence's. Can Rex stop the war?


We see Rex in bed in the Damn Base. A man in a ninja-like costume is sneaking around in the Damn Base. Suddenly he jumps on Rex's bed.

(Rex): What the???

Rex kicked the man off of him and quickly built the Smack Hands.

(Rex): Who are you? A thief?

Rex ran up to the man and tried to hit him, he dodged and hit Rex in the temple.

(Rex): Owch...

Then the man grabbed him by his T-Shirt pulled him up, and ripped off something on his neck that looked like Ben Tennyson's alien form, Upgrade but smaller.

(Rex): ARGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Man): Yes. YES! My Mega-Nanite's are multipliing inside me!

(Rex): Er... You think you can get away that easily?

Rex built the Blast Caster and whipped him. Then White Knight, Agent Six, Doctor Holiday and Bobo Haha burst in. The Man disappeared.

(Bobo): What's happening in here? Your wasting valueble monkey shut eye!

(Six): Be quiet Bobo.

(Holiday): What happened Rex?

(Rex): Um... There was a fight...?

White rolled his eyes.

(White): Really? A fight?

(Rex): Yeah! It was against a ninja! A real ninja!

(Six): Really...

(Rex): Yeah! I sware, really, I'm not lying for once.

(Bobo): Huh, false call.

They walked out.

(Rex): Wait! I'm really-

(Holiday): We get it Rex.

And with that Rex gave up.

(Rex): I guess I'll have to wait 'til the morning.





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