Anna walked up and met Van Kleiss. She decided to follow him.

- What are you doing here? - Van Kleiss.

- I have the same question, pretty boy. - Anna.

- Enough to mock of my haircut! - Van Kleiss.

- And you did not call me "my little friend." - Anna.

- And you did not call me "pretty boy" or "crazy old man".

- Okey! - Anna.

- Okey! - Van Kleiss.

Suddenly Anna felt bitter cold.

- How cold. - Anna lost consciousness.

- I will not let you die. - he put on his suit at her and hugged her.

Some time passed and she woke up.

- Good that you woke up. - Van Kleiss.

- Why did you save me? - Anna. - You would have done the same thing. - Van Kleiss.

- I would not to rescue monster like you. - Anna.

- I need you ... - Van Kleiss.

- Seemed to me that you said that you needed me? You love me. - Anna again jokes on him.

- I need you order to kill Nataly. - Van Kleiss.

- I would not want to hear about Nataly. - Anna.

- You will not hear it from me. - Van Kleiss.

- I know, but sometimes I want to hear from relatives that they love me. I miss my parents. - Anna.

- I'm really sorry. - Van Kleiss.

- Okey. Let's find Nataly. - Anna.

Nataly appeared.

- Hello, Van Kleiss. Hi, Anna. - Nataly.

- We will kill you, crazy women. - Anna.

- I do not think so. I can read minds and control you like puppets and and create illusions. - Nataly.

Anna saw her parents. On her hands emerged the blood.

- What's going on? What are you doing? - Anna.

- You will die. - Nataly.

- Anna, did not think about them. Control your thoughts. - Van Kleiss.

- Ok. - Anna.

Anna attacked Nataly. She hurt Nataly.

- You're a nasty girl. - she disappeared.

- Do not you dare run away from me! - Anna.

- Calm down. Good job. - Van Kleiss.

- Well, you saved me, so I have to say thank you. - Anna.

- It is not necessary. - Van Kleiss.

- You're right. I, too, would have saved you as a hero and more as a relative. - Anna.

- Meet again, Anna. - Van Kleiss.

- Yeah. - Anna.

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