Rosa's AppearanceEdit

Rosa's hair is similar to Dr.Holiday's hair but more like Rex's hair color. In other cases, the light brown is blue and the dark brown is black. (If in Rosa's hair color but her hair is in a pony tail). Also, her skin color, mouth size, nose size and shape, legs size and shape, how tall she is, same neck size, are all similar to Rex. Also, her ears size and shape, her eye style, her chin size and shape, her foot size and shape, and female things are all similar to Dr.Holiday.

Rosa wears a lot of oufits. When she met Rex, she wore (a)n black leathered shirt, light blue jeans, black leathered high heel boots (like Holiday's boots), a red sparkled-like necklace, pink lipstick, the same goggles and jacket that Rex wears. She wore the jacket and goggles since she was 10 years old. Also, when fighting EVOs, she would wear the same whole outfit as Rex wears. She even borrows the same Providence oufits as Rex would borrow.


Needless to say, her personality is exactly like Rex's personality. In this series, they would say the same thing at the same time.

Early Life And HistoryEdit

There isn't really much to know from her history or early life and history but here it goes.

She was born in Gneva, Swizterland with her identical twin Rex. (She has the same early life as Rex had). When Rex was in Hong Kong, she was in New Mexico and when Rex was in Mexico, she was in Japan. The places she were in different directions than what Rex had. She was trained by some EVOs that were incurables. They all looked normal but one of the incurables kind of looked like Sqwydd. But when she went to Japan, the five incurables went to Japan and found Rosa. Later, after five or six years passed, she found her long lost twin and didn't remember Rex because of her amnesia but they get a connection with their Nanites somehow.


Rosa has every ability from Generator Rex, Marvel, DC, Fantastic 4, Teen Titans, and every action show ever made. But she is a human E.V.O. just like her friends and her brother Rex. She can hold all her powers in and can control all of them. The only thing she doesn't get is the tumorous metallic sacks. She can hold a lot of Nanites in her body.

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