Rex: So you and The Pack are here. And also your hair.
Ren: Where's Jake?!
Van Kleiss: Where you'll never find him.

Biowulf: What shall we do with them, master?
Van Kleiss: Put them in the same place you locked their spy away, and let them rot! (Austin becomes shocked)

(The team jump out of the earth elevator and reach for their weapons)
Rex: (carrying Yumi) Ren, I think Yumi needs a second to catch her breath.
Ren: No can do. My whole gang and Bobo may already rotting in a cell. (Rushes off, but Rex grabs his arm)
Rex: Ever since you recieved the letter, saving your gang is all you think about!
Ren: (angrilly pulls his arm away) You guys have to keep your eyes on the mission and remember what's important here!
Rex: We do remember. Do you?

Austin: It's not use. The door won't break.
(Bobo is standing on Mike's shoulders, trying to open the window, but to not avail.)
Austin: (To Bobo) What about the window, Bobo?
Bobo Haha: Nope.

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