Season 1, Episode 14
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Intro Edit

Some weird tech. falls down in Aquania.

Script Edit

(Random tech falls down in the Ocean)

Serge: This is not good.
(Theme song)

(All the Providence agents were looking at Rex)

Rex: Why is everyone looking at me?
Caesar: One reason. Mission.

(White Knight shws upon a screen) White Knight: He's correct. Your mission is under the Pacific Ocean. As believed, some weird tech has fallen down into the ocean. Your goal is to find it.

 (Scene changes)
Rex: I can't blieve that were going to Aquania again. This'll be great. 
  Six: If your into that stuff.
 Rosa: Well, wow that's awesome.

Rex: Told you so, Six. Rosa: I onder where the tech stuff is at.

Rex: We could ask...
(Serge shows up)
Rosa: Who's that Mersin guy.
Rex: His name is Serge.

Serge: You brought another Landweller. Very well. What brings you here? Rex: Well, were looking for some weird tech falling down in this ocean. Serge: I saw that earlier. I think you'll need this. Remember last time you almost drowned. Rex: Yeah, I remember. (Scene changes)

Rex: I think finding this tech will be hard. Because look...

(EVOs approach) Rex: Serge? Serge: Right. (He calls the EVOs to him) Rex: Thanks. Serge: No problem.

(They search and see it sinking deeper)

Rosa: Glowing marks?

Rex: That isn't normal.

(Rex and Rosa lift the tech with their Smack Hands)

Rex: Almost there.

Serge: Looks an EVO type thing. Rosa: Lets find out.

(Rosa and Rex use there technopathy power, and see's a little girl in it)

Rex: It was an EVO? Girl: Where am I? Rex: Your in Aquania. Would you like for me to take you home. Girl: Yes, I live in New York.

Rex: Guess were off land. See you later.

(Scene changes) (Later, at providence, White Knight shows on a screen) White Knight: Well? Agent Six: The tech thing was actually a girl. White Knight: So, an EVO. Agent Six: Exactly. (End of episode 14)

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