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Shift is the third episode of Generator Rex: Meta Hero.


Rex must find a way to use his new powers to cure a once uncurable E.V.O. before the White Knight's Providence can kill it. But when Rex realizes the E.V.O. can shift his powers to make him permanently an E.V.O., he discovers that in order to protect him from the clutches of White Knight's Providence, he must teach him how to better control his powers, which sometimes can go out of control. Can he accomplish this in time?


[Rex, on the Rex Ride]: Remind me again why I'm doing this.

[Black Knight, at Providence]: Becuase you agreed to do it, now let's get a move on.

[Rex]: Just becuase I work for you know doesn't mean Ihave to do everything you say. It wasn't that way when I worked for White either, so don't think I'm gonna change for someone like you.

[Sir Anthony Haden-Scott, at Providence]: Yes you do, or we kick you out onto the street, and if you think for one moment that White will take you back, then your out of your mind.

[Rex]: Just tell me what the mission is...

[Black Knight]: E.V.O. rampage

[Rex]: What else would it be.

[Black Knight]: Robots?


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None (Cancelled)

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