Season 2, Episode 17
Air date June 3, 2011
Written by Scott Sonneborn/Jess0312
Directed by Seung-Hyun Oh/Jess0312
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"It's Not Easy Being Akira"
"Night Falls"
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Plot Edit

Rex Salazar sneaks into the Deadly Dragon Gang Lair to scribble on Ren's face whilst he is sleeping before sneaking out away. Ren wakes up finding Austin and Abigail, whom Ren asks what are you looking at. When Austin pulls out a handheld mirror, which shows Ren's face scribbled with a marker by Rex, he gets angry and looks for Rex, after realizing he did draw on his face. Once Rex is dragged in by Butch, he is confronted by Ren. The rest of the gang are shocked at Rex and Ren, who bicker whenever they see each other. Rex then heads back to Providence, while Ren goes home to get rid of the marker marks on his face, only for Ren to be humiliated in public and return to the lair.

As Ren goes to the bathroom to wash the marker marks off his face, he orders his gang to get rid of the people who laugh at him. Mike makes a "werewolf act" where he pretends he has suffered of lycanthropy leading him to transform into his E.V.O. form and attacks Jake, which freaked the hole people out. As Ren washed his face, he heads to his apartment. On his way home, Ren almost crashes with a man wearing a trench coat, a fedora, shades and his long hair in a low ponytail when he walks in the middle of the road. Ren yells at the man for getting on his way and rides away, while the man apologizes for afar while lowering his sunglasses, revealing to be Van Kleiss in disguise as his eyes are shown before walking away.

Ren finally returns to his apartment to watch TV and rest. Later, his mother and father return from work with chinese food for dinner. While eating all the chinese food, Ren asks his parents how it was their work, which his father responds it was as usual and and asks how it was his day. Meanwhile in Providence, Rex shows Yumi, Kenji and Bobo a picture of Ren's marker face on his phone and comment on it and laugh at it.

The next day, Rex wakes up and starts his day by exercising on home. His mother tells him that his breakfast is ready.

Cast Edit

Voice Actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Tara Strong Yumi Sakurakouji
Jesse McCartney Kenji Yamabuki
Cree Summer Akira Kazami
Michael Reisz Ren Johnson
Crawford Wilson Edwin Bluestein
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Grey DeLisle Rebecca Holiday
Abigail Redstone
Dianne Farrah
Additional voices
John DiMaggio Bobo Haha
J. K. Simmons White Knight
Wil Wheaton Austin Walker
Troy Baker Van Kleiss
Freddy Rodriguez Caesar Salazar
Dee Bradley Baker Frederick Johnson
Kath Soucie Charlene Johnson
Hynden Walch Breach
Will Friedle Mike Francis
Scott Menville Jake Hyde
Jason Spisak Lucas Natt
Kevin Michael Richardson Butch
Non-speaking role(s)

References Edit

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