All for one base by aqua999-d4j4fed
Anna Black and Kenji

Kenji and Anna Black.

Story Of Anna Black

Anna treats Kenji wounds after a fight with Van Kleiss

Kenji, Yumi and Anna

Kenji, Yumi and Anna in a ramen restaurant in Tokyo, Japan


Once, Anna ran away from Van Kleiss in Japan. She ended power. She hid in the city. She noticed Kenji.

- Hi, Anna. Do not expect to see you, but I'm glad that you came. - Kenji.

- Hello, friend. - Anna.

- From whom are you hiding? This is not your style. - Kenji.

- From Van Kleiss. I have no strength to fight. Yes. I am ashamed to hide like a coward. - Anna.

- Need help? - Kenji.

- Yes. Thanks. - Anna.

Van Kleiss appeared.

- I'll kill you! - Van Kleiss.

- I scarcely think so. - Kenji shielded her from attack.

He protect her but he got much.

Kenji fell to the ground and closed his eyes.

- Friend you are alive? Open your eyes. Please. - Anna.

- How cute. - Van Kleiss.

- You answer me for this!!! - Anna.

He has gone.

- Come on wake up! Please. - Anna almost cried.

- I'm alive, I just everything hurts. - Kenji.

- Come to your house and I bandage your wounds. - Anna.

- Thanks - Kenji.

- Not at all, friend. - Anna.

Yumi came to Kenji.

- Hi , Kenji. Hi , Anna. What happened? Tell me everything in the restaurant. I invite you. - Yumi.

- Ok. - Kenji.

- I agree. - Anna.

Kenji telling that Yumi with him and Anna have been.

- At Anna attacked Van Kleiss. I defended her, but received a wounds. - Kenji.

- You fell in love with Anna. You often walk with her, save her. - Yumi teased Kenji.

- We are not a couple! We're just friends. - Kenji.

- Do not tease him. You see that he was wounded. - Anna.

- Okey. - Yumi.

- I must go. Bye. - Anna.

- Bye. - Yumi.

- Bye , Anna. - Kenji.

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