Season 1, Episode 17
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Hole

Intro Edit

The EVO bunny is back.

Script Edit

(Rex and Rosa are on their Rosa and Rex ride)

Rex: Huh? This isn't good.

(Theme song) Rosa: What's wrong?

Rex: That.

Rosa: A bunny?

Rex: Trust me.

Rosa: But bunnies are stupid and...

(The EVO bunny rawrs). Rex: see?

Rosa: How do we get rid of it?

Rex: Let's call Holiday to find out.

(Rex calls Holiday)

Rex: Doc, the EVO bunny is back. What should we do?

Dr. Holiday: You could do the same trick you did last time.

Rex: Oh, okay. Rosa, we have a plan. See that personnel carrier?

Rosa: Yes.

Rex: Can you ask Bobo to drive it?

Rosa: Sure.

Bobo: Ah, nothing like good times.

Rex: Now, can you get that missile launcher?

Rosa: sure.

Rex: Now time to beat this EVO.

(Rex uses his Rex Ride and Rosa uses the missile launcher to attack the EVO, Rex then uses boogie pack and the missile hits the EVO).

Rosa: Well, that was fun.

(Back at Abysus).

Breach: Van Kleiss, Rex destroyed the EVO I brought back.

Van Kleiss: We must do something about this...

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