Season 1, Episode 9
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Operation: Double Date
The Bug Jar

Valve is back for Rex but sees Rosa.


(radio noise)

(Motor cycle noise)

Providence guy 1:There's a biker here.

Valve:I have a name, and my purpose is for Rex. So, let the biker go!

Providence guy 2:Shoot!

(Theme song)

Valve:Heh. The Biker's name is...


Rosa:Who's Valve?

Rex:A biker who is very weak and easy to beat.


Rex:He uses Nanites to make his motorcycle faster.

Dr.Holiday:That can be unhealthy to use.

Caesar:It is. Nanites weren't meant for motorcycles. If used, he could die.

Rex:Yeah, I told him that before.


Rex:Don't ask.

Providence guy 3:He's coming in.

White Knight:I think he's after you, Rex.

Rex:He's a piece of cake anyway.

Valve:Where's Rex? Huh, who's that?

Rex:It's Rosa, my twin sister.

Valve:Two family members to beat.

Rex:Actually, there's another one.

Caesar:Yeah, and that's me.


Caesar:Caesar Salazar.

Valve:The biker will kill you now, Salazars.

Rex and Rosa:(Scoffs) Yeah, right.

(They get their Rex and Rosa ride out and ride it. They get their Slam Cannon out and shoot. Valve rides and shoots with a gun).

Rex:Hey, Valve! Why don't you try to lose the Nannites. They make you weak!

Valve:The biker is mad.

Rex:Of course you are.

(Rex shoots again and so does Rosa).

(Holiday calls in)

Rex:Yeah, Doc?

Dr.Holiday:We need you to take those Nanites from Valve.

Rex:Easy for you to say. Do you have a plan?

Dr.Holiday:Try to be sneaky around him.

Rex:I can try, but it'll be tricky. All right,Valve. You win. Take us in.

(He drives them to his place).

Rex:I said,"You win". So, no tea.

(Night time)

Rex whispers:Let's go.

(They run off with the Nanites).

Rosa:That was tricky.

Rex:Yeah. I wonder if he notices?


(Back at Providence)

White Knight:Did you get them?

(Shows them).

Rex:Now he can't hurt anyone.

(Other side)

Valve:No!!! Where are they? I'll get you Rex and Rosa. The Salazars aren't safe anymore. The biker will get them.

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