"Generator Rex: Twin Amnesia - The Series"
Season 1, Episode 10
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Biker
Beverly's Return


Rex and Rosa fix the bug jar.


Rosa:So, What are we fixing?

Rex:The bug jar. It's a shield to seal in some EVOs that will take over the world. Something like that.

Rosa:And all we have to do is wear this Providence stealth suit and work on the bug jar?

Rex:Pretty much, and we have to stop some EVOs from getting in here.

Rosa:Thanks for the info.

Rex:Speaking of EVOs... Here comes one. Can you hold the handle?



Bobo:Ah, why not?

(Scene changes)

(They turn invisible with the stealth suit)

Rosa:What kind of EVO is it?

Rex:Caterpillars, I think.

(The EVOs come out and Rex is shocked)

(Theme song)

Rosa:What's wrong?

Rex:No Face is in here. I'll explain him later.

(They watch No Face)

No Face:The followers, need plan.

Dr.Holiday calls:Is the bug jar fixed?

Rex:Well, no. Me and Rosa were checking for EVOs and No Face was planning something.

Dr.Holiday:(sighs) Rex, check on his plan, then come fix the shield. Okay?

Rex:Okay. Alright, sis. Let's stop No Face planning something.

Rosa:So, who's No Face?

Rex:He's a dude with no face and talks in a incomplete sentence.


(scene changes)

No Face:We escape this shield and be free.


Rex:I don't think so, No Face.

No Face:Machine grower and...?

Rex:My sister, Rosa. Were twins.

No Face:Two machine growers. (grunts)

(The twins get their B.F.S. out and hits No Face with it. No Face blocks their attack. The twins use their Appendage Arm and whip his butt).

No Face:We'll get revenge!

(They ride out of there and get their Smack Hands out to fight the Caterpillar EVOs).

Rex:Now let's help Bobo.

Bobo:Rex! My hands are slipping again!

Rex:Bobo, were right here.

Rosa:Now, the bug jar is fixed, right?


White Knight Calls:Are you done?


White Knight. Then I'll send in a jump jet to get you then.

Rex:Want to stop some EVOs?


Bobo:Wait! Oh, brother.

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