Season 1, Episode 6
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Blonde Widow


Rosa meets Rex's gang.


Rosa: What's the surprise,Rex?

Rex: You'll see.

(He takes the blind fold off Rosa).

Rosa: Who are these people?

Rex: My friends. This Cricket, Sqywdd, Tuck, and Circe.

Rosa: Hola.

Cricket:So, who's up for breakfast?

(They all nod yes)

Sqwydd:Is she your girlfriend?

Rex:No, she's my sister.

Caesar:Yeah, she is.

Cricket:Gahh!! Who's he?

Caesar:I'm Caesar Salazar, aka Rex's big brother.

Sqwydd:You have a brother who sneaks in a restaurant? Great, just great.

Caesar:I didn't really "sneak in." I followed Rex on his way to Hong Kong. I thought that I would this "gang" of his.

Tuck:So, you wanted to meet us?


Sqwydd:Si? huh?

Caesar:It means "yes" in Spanish.


Rex:Now that your here, let's eat breakfast.

Caesar:What are we getting?

(The food is shown)

Caesar:They look delicious.

Rex:Sure they do.

Caesar:Mmm. I haven't had Chinese food in 5 years. Reminds me of a time that Rex...

Rex:Please, bro, save it.

(Now to Quarry)

Quarry:Ah,Rex is back... with two more unwelcomed guest. Time for a visit.

(Back at the gangs house)

Sqwydd:So, you have a sister and a brother?

Rex:Pretty much.

Quarry:Sorry for the interuption, but Rex, who are these two people?


Quarry:PLease, tell?

Rex:Fine! Caesar and Rosa. There!

Quarry:Please to meet you.


(Rex gets his smack hands out. He punches Quarry)

Quarry:You missed. What do you do?

Rosa: This!

(She gets her B.F.S. out. She hits him too).

Quarry:Missed. And you?

Caesar: High intelligence and invent things.

Quarry:Rex, your family were the ones to make the Nanite Event? That's funny.

Caesar:Take this, senor!

(He uses a some-like whip)


(Breach takes Quarry).

Quarry:It was nice seeing you, Salazar's.

Caesar,Rosa,Rex:IU'm not finished with you!!!!!!

Cricket:Maybe next time.


To be continued...

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