Season 1, Episode 16
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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Intro Edit

Rex introduces the Hole to Rosa.

Script Edit

(Rex and Rosa walk in the petting Zoo) Rosa: Where are we going? Rex: Here. Rosa: What is it? Rex: It's called The Hole. The most dangerous EVOs go in there. Rosa: Wow. Rex: Well, boy, do I have a story for you. Rosa: How's it start? Rex: Well, when I was showing Noah around Providence, we came across The Hole. I opened the room not knowing the EVOs were out. The bad thing was Noah was working for White Knight. I got mad and lost my powers. So, we sort of was running. Then, I to weapons and was still mad at Noah but later when he got grabbed by the Spider EVO, which was Beverly, I said "Noah!" I couldn't believe what I was doing. Later, Holiday came and told me why Noah was even working there. So, when I saw him in a nest, I was no longer mad at him and got my powers back. That's the story. Rosa: Wait, how did Beverly get cured? Rex: By Six putting his swords in a machine that would cure her. (Holiday shows up) Dr. Holiday: I thought you were showing Rosa The Hole. Rex: I was, but I told her a story, as well. Dr. Holiday: Well, okay. Anyway, White wants you in the training room. (Rosa and Rex get happy faces)

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