The Return of a Hero is the first episode of Generator Rex: Ultimate Hero.


Van Kleiss is back. Can Rex stop him?


  • Rex Sazalar
  • Dr.Holiday
  • Agent Six
  • Bobo Haha
  • Black Knight
  • Providence
  • Noah Sixon


  • Van Kleiss
  • Biowulf
  • Breach
  • Skalamander

Machines UsedEdit

  • Smack Hands (5x)
  • Funchucks (4x)
  • Blast Caster (2x)
  • Battle Axes (5x)
  • Ultimate Smack Hands (2x)
  • Punkbusters (3x)
  • Boogie Pack
  • B.F.S (4x)
  • Slam Canon (3x)

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