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Season 1, Episode 20
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
Episode guide
Parents + Providence = Randomness
Nanite Communication

Intro Edit

The Six come after Agent Six.

Script Edit

Five: Is he in there?

Providence agent: Stand we're you are.

IV: If you insist.

(IV uses his straps and ties the Providence agents up).

Trey: This'll be good.

Five: Shut up, Trey! We're here for Six.

Rex: You're not getting him!

Dos: Really?

(He uses his gas thing, Rex uses the block party to block the scent)

Rosa: Who are they?

Rex: The Six. They're after Six.

Rosa: Guess we should stop that. (They fight The Six, Agent Six comes a tries to fight them, and The Six).

Rex: I'll miss Six.

Agent Six: I'm right here.

Rex: Huh?

Agent Six: They wanted to take but they didn't.

Rex: Oh.

Rosa: That's strange.

Rex: Yeah, sure is...

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