Season 1, Episode 4
Written by RexnCaesar345
Directed by RexnCaesar345
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The Pack (episode)
E.V.O. Trouble


Most of the enemies try to stop Rex and Rosa.


(All the enemies gather up with each other)

Van Kleiss: I have the most greatest plan to come to mind.

Quarry: And that is?

Van Kleiss: To kill our enemies, of course.

Black Knight: Fine, but if it doesn't work, then I am going to use the black pawns.

Gatlocke: That's fine with me.

Black Knight: Oh, brother.

(Revolution song.)





Rosa:Is Providence ever this quiet?

Rex:No and you got a point.

(White Knight shows up on the screen).

White Knight: We have a problem.

Rex:And that is?

White Knight:Every villian that you fought before is here. I need you and Rosa to take of this miss. Got it?

The twins:Got it.

(Black Knight kicks the door off)

Black Knight:There here I am asure of it.

Quarry:I think Rex needs a good beat down. What do you think?

Bio Wulf:Fine by me.

Van Kleiss:Good. Let your anger out. Now, let's find those twins.


Van Kleiss:Rex has a twin that is a girl.

Quarry: I would think two heads, twice the headace.

Rex:It's more like your face, Quarry.

Rosa:Wait, who?


Quarry:This must be the twin called "Rosa."

Rosa:That's right.

Quarry: (Laughing) Let me guess... You have powers.

Rex:Okay. (Rex says it all sarcastically).

(Rex and Rosa get out their Fun Chunks out and try to hit Quarry with it. Quarry punches. The twins spin their Fun Chunks around and around. Also, a bright-blue beam comes out and Quarry gets hit by it. Breach uses her teleport and grabs Quarry).

Quarry:Maybe next time.

The twins:(scoffs) Yeah right.

Black Knight:Miss me?

Rex:Like I would. Rosa, this is Black Knight. She is evil.

Black Knight:If you say so.

(Black Knight gets her whip-like thing out whips Rex and Rosa with it. Rosa gets her Slam Cannon out and grabs the ammo from the ground. Rosa then shoots it at Black Knight. Rex get his B.F.S. and tries to hit Black Knight with it. Breach then grabs Black Knight with her teleports).

Black Knight:Maybe next time.

(Screen changes)

Rosa:What is going on?

Caesar:It seems that most of your enemies,well... two of them fought you.

White Knight:This can only mean one thing... Van Kleiss is using your sister to come and join the Pack.

Caesar:heh, your right. Isn't that same reason for Van KLeiss coming here to convince Rosa to come to her?

Rex:Yeah. Van Kleiss, this means war.

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