Anna and Kenji went to the Abyss.

- Van Kleiss, explain why you wanted to kill my friend ? - Anna.

- You are always interfering me. You and Kenji. I decided begin with him and then 'll deal with you , my little friend. - Van Kleiss.

- Do not call me that. We're not friends. - Anna.

- Kill Kenji. - Van Kleiss.

- Yes , master. - Biowulf.

- No! - Anna.

- You'll watch as he died - Van Kleiss grabbed Anna.

- Help me, Anna ! - Kenji.

- Let me go! Please. - Anna cried.

- No way! - Van Kleiss.

Kenji was a lot of wounds. Anna bent over him.

- Forgive me, friend. - She was crying.

- Nothing. - Kenji.

- Are you still alive? - Van Kleiss.

- Until with me, Anna, I will not die because she is stronger than you. - Kenji.

Anna has decided to run away.

- Kenji may run away from here ? - Anna.

- This is a good idea. - Kenji.

They went back to Providence. Anna bandaged his wounds.

- You're always saves me. Thank you. - Kenji.

- And always bandage your wounds ha ha. - Anna.

Kenji laugh a joke of Anna.

- And I do it because you're my best friend. - Anna.

- You also my best friend. - Kenji.

The end.

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